Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mini Martha Stewart

So I officially fail at keeping this up to date. Now, for real, I'm going to get better!

Alex loves to "clean" around the house. Yesterday, I found him in the kitchen with a chair pushed up to the counter, busily scrubbing away at the counter. Of course, the sponge was sopping wet, so there was water all over the counter and floor. I took the sponge and mopped up the water, then squeezed the sponge over the sink and gave it back to Alex. He then started swiping the counter, then holding the sponge over the sink and trying to wring it out, then back to the counter, then the sink, and so on, until I finally had to drag him away.

Now if only he would keep this up once he's older...

And to illustrate just how helpful he really is, here he is helping with the laundry :)